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This July — six cautious months before Christmas — get ready for the greatest action comedy in BAD IDEA’s long and storied history. A yuletide themed comic-book event wrapped in flammable tinsel, soaked in the blood of reindeer, and surrounded by the 5.56mm spent shell casings of the hapless SWAT team sent to try and stop the hellish force of death and destruction known as Santa Claus.

Our story begins on Christmas Eve, when little Bobby Hamilton and his father rise at dawn for their annual hunting trip — a family tradition. This year’s hunt is slow. No sign of deer all day. But just as their patience is about to give, they spot it. On the ridge. A deer. Shooting game on a ridge is strictly forbidden — no telling where it might fall. But Bobby’s father insists. They’ve waited all day and, after all, it’s Christmas. How could they know the deer peeking over the ridge was…a reindeer? How could they know it was part of a group harnessed together pulling a sleigh? How could they know they were going to kill Old Saint Nick’s beautiful baby boys? They run. They hide. But it doesn’t matter. The quiet peace of this quaint Midwestern farming hamlet will soon be shattered because Santa Claus knows that they’ve been naughty, and he’s coming to town to maim, kill and magically murder them all.

Merry Vengeance and a Happy Retribution!

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